why do i feel i live in zombie land ?

It’s like nobody around wants to accomplish anything except earning some money to keep rotting. Impossible to find any motivated people for a project. Only noobs will show up and then disappear (coz noobs gonna noob) . Lot’s of passive-aggressiveness . Everybody seems tired. Do you guys feel that all these nerdy things are just to cope with life but now we are coming to the end of a cycle so even nerds don’t really care anymore ?

when you think about all those revolutionary new things such as cheap computers, Internet, free Porn access , Neo-Feminism, Social networks , Smartphones, Tinder and so on … they all came together and the anthropological effects couldn’t been forecast or scaled before . I see a massive drop down of births among educated people. It’s happening just now.


first question,

what do you think life IS at the first place ?

if we don’t try to have a reflexion about the general meaning of life i don’t think it’s actually possible to understand our society

eating, sleeping, breeding and accomplish things in your free time

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you meant that as an human or as a general life form ?

i think, the first flaw that come in my mind in any philosophycal views is seeing the human race as something different, that act differently as any other life forms.

‘accomplish things’ for a dog would be to run after his shadow or a stick. So yes, i go for ‘’ general life form"

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why do we accomplish things at the first place ? (any life forms)

because you cannot fill a day by only eating, sleeping and breeding


imo, the general purpose of any forms of life is this precise thing. dupplicating itself. any form of life in our whole planet. plants, bacteria, animals, human.

and any behavior can be explained by this precise research of dupplication.

imo, if we want to understand our human society, we need to compare our behavior to behaviors of animals. afterall, we are only but animals covered with an extensive layer of complexity.

most of people here don’t breed x) So they pay importance to things like GitHub… but my statement was that it can’t last long. Coping is not eternal, de-motivation is all around.

“most of people here don’t breed x) So they pay importance to things like GitHub”

meh, you didn’t get it.

sorry, but it’s more like you trying to push another subject into the thread

sorry if i did. in my understanding, you were trying to understand our society; absurd research of money, what is driven us to do our jobs… ect… I think a lot of this subject

i was talking about the de-motivation all around. Look, i’m trying to make a collaborative game project. Most people are just curious but don’t want to invest time in it, even though they have plenty of time to spend on Internet

Personally, I think the whole alpha male thing is nothing more than a new, more aggressive spin on the now ages old self-help fad. It’s a simple confidence booster, pumped up with a ton of psuedoscience, and taken far too seriously.

even if this is not the subject, i would say that ‘alpha’ is the keyword of the one ruling a group. In theory, only 1 can rule or there’s some conflict.

there’s a lot of gym bro science laying around this subject, but my interpretation is much wider than a “simple” alpha male “thing”

what i’m saying is basically, “it’s all about natural selection”. we just don’t see it as it’s instinctive upon us. it’s evolution . and we are still puppets of this mechanism, imo

all this bro science about this alpha male thing is part of a much more important meaning, imo

Everybody has ideas and dreams. Those aren’t skills. Why would anyone with skills want to work on your ideas and dreams for free, when they could do their own?

You see this all the time in game development. Someone comes in, and thinks they have the greatest game idea in the world, and expects people to make it for them, for free. But they dont, because why would they? The ideas are never actually feasible or that good, and even if they were, why work for a boss who cant, or can barely contribute to the project, when you could just go do it yourself?

Sorry if im being too honest, but nobody will care about your game but you, unless you pay them enough that they can take care of their survival needs, like rent and food.

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reminder : the subject was : why there’s so many lazy zombies all around ? Do the nerds became lazy or it’s because the lazy switch off their TV to spend time commenting on forums ?

maybe because we live in an era of castrated men and low testosterone
imo, western civilisation is becoming more and more fragile and out of touch with the real world, lost upon layers of abstraction and political/philosophical madness