Why do I feel that part of my liquid is out of my bottle?

Hello, I’m working on a small personal development project etc. and I’m having difficulties with my liquid

  • I checked the normal map

-The liquid and the bottle are not superimposed it is said they do not touch each other I have searched several times but I do not see where this problem comes from

Your help is welcome and if you want the project tell me I’ll send you to take a look

If the bottle is thin, it might be the glass material. Play around with the IOR in the material settings to see if it changes anything. 1.5 is for glass, but do experiment.
Bottle must be solid i.e. use the solidify modifier if it doesn’t have thickness. Being too thin can also be a cause.
If that doesn’t help, mind if I take a look?
(Post it here, others might help too)

This should help you: