Why do I get a new stash every time I stash an animation?

The entire workflow around actions, rigs and meshes is as convoluted as anything in Blender.

Every time I press the button to stash an action, I get a new stash:


Why can’t I stash more than one animation in a stash? What’s the benefit of multiple stashes, apart from more clicking?

Also, why can’t I drag actions to the stash I want?

I’m only doing this because apparently, an action in Blender isn’t associated with any rig (maybe that’s worded wrong, because I have no idea how that would even work)? So the “send to unreal” add-on only exports stashed actions.

(Rant on: It’s so stupid that when I switch actions and have a rigged mesh selected, the animation doesn’t switch, so I have to change to the rig and switch actions, but then the keyframes disappear from the timeline.) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I don’t have any advice, but following as I want to learn more about the animation system.

Hey, As far as your post question is concerned, I’m not sure what you would expect to happen - your creating and stashing those actions for a reason - the bigger picture - to assemble them in the NLA to create other/more animations. I can only say that this does seem to trip up most every one when they first start working in these areas, I recommend reading the manual, finding any tutorial you can on the NLA editor, and try to experiment on a very basic level with just a couple of objects to get the ‘hang’ of it. Sorry if this is not much help, but this is the part of Blender where you really have to do your home work. IMHO

In other words, the UI sucks. Got it.

Well, it might have been nice if we could name the “stashes,” and somehow easily indicate whether we actually wanted to make a new stash or replace the latest one. If you’re “fiddling with it and stashing as you go,” you can wind up with a fairly noisy file.