Why do I have black blocks in my rendered images


I have only started using Blender recently, and sometimes when i render an image or animation, it has black blocks on the animation, (see attached image)

Can someone explain why, and how I fix it?

Thanks a lot


Check you have more than one object/mesh occupying the same space. Check if there are two objects overlapping by moving it and seeing if there is another object present. Then remove any duplicated vertices by selecting them all in edit mode (A) and W / remove doubles. Then recalculate the face formals with Ctrl+N
If you have transparent materials remember to select ‘Receive Transparent’ in the material shadow settings for any other objects receiving shadows cast by the tarnsparency.

Just tried those things, still got the same problem
Thanks though

Yea, looks like overlapping meshes to me, too. Upload your blend file and we’ll take a quick look.