Why do I need plugins for Blender?

Why do I need plugins for Blender? Do I need them? Could someone explain these plugins to me???

BTW. Im sorry if this isn’t in the right forum (Game Engine Support and Discussion) :spin:

What plugins are you referring to ?

I have never used any plugins, unless blender had them already.

Plugins will assist you to be more efficient. eg: Automated, formulated, complex objects. Setting, helper for rendering within blender UI.

You don’t Need Plug-ins. But some of them do some very cool stuff, Others can save you hours. And some I could not picture using blender with out, Click file and go to prefs and play with them. See what you like and what you don’t.

Well there is one you’ll definitely want to install if you want others to play your game:
–> “Save as game engine runtime” <-- :wink:

I know I’m stubid but are they “installed” if I enable them? Oooooorrrr do I need to download them from internet and stuff?

The ones you find in user settings addons tab all ship with blender and can be activated by checking the box.
If you need more you can download and install them via “install from file” button.