Why Do Lights Have Two Colours?

As previously mentioned, just getting back to Blender, first try at 2.9. When i open my old file, the lights appear different:

i’m using Cycles/Nodes, what do the color/power in the top pane do? it’s confusing having two sets of values.


The top ones are the Light settings, they’re used if you don’t use nodes for the light (i.e always in Eevee, or in Cycles if you don’t click the Use Nodes button or if you untick 'Use Nodes" in the shader editor for that light). If you do use nodes though, then color, power, shape etc. are controlled by the node tree.


Much obliged :slight_smile:

ok, still confused.

i’ve set this to use nodes, but the yellow is from the top group, how come?

It’s a mix of both. If you’re going to use nodes (so, Cycles), set the light options to white and 1 strength and drive everything from nodes. Unfortunately we don’t have Kelvin or Wavelength as means to drive color in the color picker.

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thanks CarlG