Why do my face meshes never look like the meshes I see inthe tutorials I watch?

I’ve been trying for years to make a face, that didn’t look like a lego person. Or a person who had some sort of strange disease that made their face blocky and squarish. I’ve gotten fairly good at making the 2d mesh for a face, but don’t understand the process of making the flat mesh into a 3d face. I never seem to get the vertices in the right places. Can anyone help me?

I’m not sure what you mean when you say you’re making a 2d mesh. You should just be making a 3d model from the start, not making something flat and trying to turn it into 3d somehow. What tutorials are telling you to make a flat face first?

Take a look at the topology of face models,once you get the flow down of the eyes and mouth the rest just falls into place.


Take a look at what most of them have in common,take a look at how the faces connect with each other and how they are rotated.

If you can do 2D, all you need to add for 3D is depth information. Go take a look at your head in the mirror. Study the “depth” of different parts of head from visual front plane. See how depth affects visually on overlapped parts of the head.

Remember that head is made up of few basic geometry; Spherical head, slightly rotated rectangular form around the eye, pyramid shaped nose, and half cylinder for the teeth / jaw form. Those form need to be in proportion with one another.


As one view the head from different point of view, study how proportion of head elements overlap and prospective of each elements change. Get this 3D information in your head. Know how head looks like from all direction.


If you look at artist sculpting the head, you will notice how often he looks at the head from all directions every time he changes a feature. It needs to look “right” from all direction to be correct you know.

Well most tutorials say to draw the loops as practice, I guess I just never understood how you go from the loops to making the dace, but I will check that link and maybe watch the tutorials I’ve found again, because there’s many ways of making a head or face, any suggestions on which is the easiest to do? Edit: thanks for that last post it must have come in as I was typing this.