Why do my teeth move weirdly?

Hello BA community!

Newbie here, and have a bit of a headscratcher concerning a rig.
I purchased a mesh for a project and have managed to successfully rig it all bar one section.
Basically the front teeth of the lower jaw section move almost around a different pivot point to the rest of the ‘area’
The jaw and teeth are all part of the same object, although the teeth aren’t actually a part of the main mesh ( just the way it was supplied)

The lower jaw and lower teeth are weight painted correctly- basically solid red until the smoothing out to blue towards the neck as you’d expect. So these teeth have exactly the same weights in relation to their controling bone.

If anyone has had anything similar or knows what might be going on , I’d be eternally greateful!

thanks in advance!


seems like the teeth are moving accordingly to the bone rotation, but the jaw lags behind. Check the weights on the individual vertices, see if they’re actually only influenced by the jaw bone. (n sidebar, vertex weights panel)

hey thanks for the reply! I will try this right now!

Nice showreel by the way :slight_smile:

That worked ! I normalized all the vertex weights as you said and now the jaw and all teeth rotate in sync…

Thanks very much!

Ah good !

And thanks for the kind words !