Why do normal BGE games not work properly in UPBGE?

(Brvdbury) #1

I’ve been using the normal 2.79 BGE for one of my biggest projects for a while now. I started working on it long before I knew about UPBGE and I now know it holds a lot more capabilities than the standard BGE.

I’ve wanted to bring my game over to UPBGE but I have noticed that there are many issues to do with animations. Why does this happen? What would I need to do to fix this?


(BluePrintRandom) #2

I am not 100% sure if things were fixed in upbge (correct behavior) or broken.

can you post a video of what is happening in upbge vs bge?

your logic?


(Brvdbury) #3

There’s a lot of logic bricks so it would be easier to summarize the issues I’ve found.

Animations on armatures blend between each other correctly. Works like an armature should.
I am able to change the colour of the sky using World options.

Animations on the armature still work but no longer blend between each other, they just freeze at their last frame.
I can’t animate the sky colour anymore. I completely re-did the animation for it and it still doesn’t work at all.

I read up somewhere that changing the layer to 1 on the animation actuator fixes the bug, but that does nothing. I must have read that wrong, not sure.


(Lyeb) #4

With python, you can use scene.world.horizonColor (or zenithColor) to change sky tone. It’s bit of a bummer because it’d obviously be simpler to just keyframe it rather than having to math your way into a color transition via code, but oh well.

Armature animations not blending into one another, on the other hand, should not happen; I don’t think I’ve had this issue. What’s your setup like?


(- Click for resources) #5

This is indeed true, i have/had the same problem, needed to redo all my animations.


(BluePrintRandom) #6

in upbge - I think there is some sort of checkbox somewhere, ‘static sky uniform’ or something.

still digging.

edit - “constant values”

bottom right corner.


(Brvdbury) #7

I have that option unchecked already. Tried checked and unchecked and it still doesn’t work (world animation).