Why do renders look different when viewed as pngs?

No manual alterations after saving png. Tried different bit depths, no good. Is this a bug?

PNG is 8-bit, your render is high bit depth. Change “Filmic” to “Standard” before save PNG.

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Always try to render or save as exr.
That way you will keep all the bit depth of the render.
From there you can convert it to any format you like, without loosing data in the original.

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Thanks but that didn’t work… It just got redder again :frowning:

Will keep that in mind. I ended up color correcting it in ps. Why does it change colors anyways?

Try this:

  • save the render as png in RGB 16 bit.
  • after saving it, open the PNG with Photoshop/what you use.
  • export the png, and when you do so, make sure to embed the sRGB color profile within the image

Or I’d do as they rightly recommend above: save the final render in EXR and then from Photoshop/whatever export it as PNG and embed the sRGB color profile within the exported file.

Hope this works!

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Thanks but it didn’t work. One tiny detail i should’ve mentioned in the post is that in the win preview panel and thumbnails it looks correct, upon opening it in win photos there is a brief few miliseconds when i can see the correct colors but it changes after what appears to be some kind of filtering or post processing.

are you using the Compositor?

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different bitdepth, colorspaces, tonemappers…
pick one and it will somewhere down the ‘pipe’ change your image :wink:

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There’s your answer. If you want more proper image viewer, try XNView MP.

The Photo viewer in Win10 is … well…

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I have another silly thing to test: I think that Windows 10 photo viewer messes up the color space of images (this was fixed in Windows 11). Could you open the image with another image viewer, like ImageGlass or Irfanview?

EDIT: exactly what RobWu suggests, I’d try this!

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I would suggest, try all three and see which works best :slight_smile:

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Ya i have denoise, cryptomatte and glare nodes enabled

so maybe give a try without these options?

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Isn’t photoshop enough? I mean even when I loaded the image into ps it showed incorrect colors… But i"ll install XNVIew just in case. Thanks.

Tried it. No good. Thanks though.

There’s something else going on then on your PC…
It seems all PNG’s get a different color space when opening?
This is the same for a exr with a tonemap on it?

Yes. all pngs get some kind of post process, its not this drastic all the time so i don’t even realise it.

Anyways, I post processed that render in ps and now it looks a bit more closer. Thanks for your time everyone. I guess I’ll just have to do it this way from now on.