Why do some Poser exported materials show up in Blender and others don't?

I exported a .dae and .obj formatted character from Poser 2009 and imported the .obj into Blender 2.69, Cycles.
I’m rather new with Blender so I’m still learning the ins and outs of materials so I’m not seeing why the fingernails material is not applying to this character but other things, like his coat and beard have.

Any ideas out there?

Attached is a picture of the character and his black fingernails - they should be pinkish and translucent like nice fingernails are. In the next post I will post the node tree for the fingernails as it came in from blender - and yes, in case anybody asks - I did change the color of the Multiply and Glossy BSDF but it didn’t make much difference in the fingernails and certainly didn’t use the Image texture that was exported from Poser.

OR… is there a node setting for fingernails?

You don’t need the two mapping nodes - I can’t see any changes from default in them. Adding the black glossy node is essentially adding nothing so not sure why that’s there at all. The displacement might work or not, better to use a bump node attached to a normal shader input. That probably has nothing to do with the fingernail appearance but you might try with it disconnected and see if you get something. Without the file and the texture images it’s hard to draw any conclusions but the UV layout might be the main culprit here. Is this node tree your own or from someone’s recommendation for this application?

I am not terribly familiar with poser for the last couple of years but when I used it no UVs were attached to obj files, just materials. You might need to unwrap and realign.

Not sure how Poser does things, but there’s a plugin for Daz|Studio/Blender that exports a DS scene into Blender with all the cycles nodes set up for you. You can find it in the Freepository forums at Daz’s website. It works so well that all you have to do in Blender is set your camera and render, although you may want to tweak some of the nodes if they make the textures a bit too glossy.

Safetyman, I’m on the Freepository site and can’t seem to find this plugin. Also, how do you pose your characters imported into Blender from DAZ? Do you pose in DAZ then export to Blender? Or export to Blender and pose in Blender?

Here’s the direct link to the author’s plugin site: https://sites.google.com/site/mcasualsdazscripts3/mcjteleblender2
And here’s the Daz3D thread about it: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/2877/

What I do is pose everything in Daz|Studio, get all the clothing/textures, etc. set up, then run the script. It opens Blender and then loads the figures… sometimes it can take a while depending on your Daz scene, but it works pretty well.

So you find it’s an easier process overall posing in Daz as opposed to posing your character in Blender?

It is, unless you have a fully rigged Daz/Poser character in Blender with all the IK/FK stuff in there. I usually just skip trying to get all that into Blender if I’m just doing a static scene.

Safetyman, when you re-import your character into Blender from Daz (and imported as a different file name) what is the most efficient way to keep or transfer to the newly posed and re-imported character the materials and textures you added to the previous character in Blender?

In other words, when you apply materials to your #1 character in Blender how do you transfer those materials to character #1b? What is the easiest and most efficient method?

I assume you mean going back to Daz to tweak everything, then re-import into Blender? Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to re-apply the textures from Blender, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to do it. The Daz script I mentioned creates cycles materials from all the Daz materials, so I don’t really worry about re-applying them once I get them into Blender. I’ve spend hours fixing textures and then having to go back into Daz to fix something, so it’s definitely an issue that I need to find an answer for, but I’m really lazy.

No, what I mean is that suppose you bring your posed character into Blender from Daz and you tweak some of the materials in Blender. But then for some reason you need to alter the pose and you go back to Daz, change the pose, then import the character back into Blender. Now you need apply those materials you tweaked in Blender and reapply them to the new posed character, right?

How do you go about doing that?

That’s what I was talking about. Unless there’s an easier way – try appending the new exported characters into the Blender scene that you have all the textures you need. Either it will put an “.001” at the end of the imported textures, or by some miracle everything will just merge (I doubt it). Worst case, just re-assign the good textures to the imported ones, which is tedious and could take a while, but it will definitely work.