why do the flags stop waving ?

there are 450 frames
the cloth is set at 450
so why do the flags stop about frame 140?
Thanks all
PS in HD video - avi raw works in win7 media player - that is why it was selected.


MENU 10-11 halfsize.blend (416 KB)

Easy fix as far a I can tell.
Animate the wind speed, so the flag gets a chance to fluctuate and not reach the equilibrium of stillness.

Your flags stop moving because there is nothing other than gravity affecting them. Think of it like this: drop a table cloth onto a table, it will move until it hits the table, then maybe move a little more as it settles down, then eventually it will stop moving. But, if there is a fan blowing on the table, the table cloth will continue to move, affected by the wind.

I added a plane and set it as a wind field and played with the lower left flag a bit. I weight painted the flag to cut down on some of the movement. I think it’s probably moving more than you want it to. Perhaps tweaking the settings for the cloth and the wind will result in less movement. I dunno, there’s a few ways you could go if you want to cut down on the movement…


edit: I didn’t notice the empty in there that was the wind, so I deleted it, and tweaked the plane’s wind field a bit more, adding noise to it…


wind.blend (402 KB)

thanks a lot.
didn’t know a plane could be wind!


I adjusted the empty wind to your settings - no change
why would a plane make any difference?

I have no idea, honestly. I just tried playing with scaling the size of the plane and it seems to have no effect. My first thought was that the size of the plane is the difference, but what I just tested doesn’t confirm that. I don’t know. I really haven’t messed with force fields that much, so I can’t give you a good answer.


Well you have your force field wind thing ((the thing with 3 rings) I assume you noticed this, as you added it), select it, put your mouse in the same area as it is in the menu/properties panel thinger abd hit “i” key and there should say something like “insert _______”, if there is more then one pick the one that makes the most sense, move ahead a few frames and change it again, press “i”, etc etc repeat.