Why do this?

Watching Love, Death and Robots on Netflix, and in particular, Beyond the Aquila Rift. All CGI, and done pretty well.

However, it is clearly mocap, which begs the question. Why have people act to be converted to a digitised version, when people could just play the part in person?

Granted, they me be trying for the whole environment, but film FX are well and truly at the stage where that could be done with live actors just as convincingly.

So, again, why?

Artistic expression?

Makes you more edgy

Economics. Budget. Wardrobe, clothes come at higher cost. Especially, when they need to be custom tailored. Manual labor, on site, in developed society, is prestige.

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@burnin and @chalybeum are both right! From my experience the main reason not so use footage of live actors is that it is danged complicated to integrate into CG scenery.

For one thing if your scenery is CG then you’ve got to match all your camera movements and angles to your performers. This means if you have cuts you have to set up multiple cameras. You’ll need to match lighting as well, which is hard when you have to have a big green-screen illuminated behind your subject!

If you use motion capture you can repeat a performance in your scene over and over and finesse the camera angles later on.

For an example of how complicated this can get check out the rig that was used on the film Gravity, you can see how this would be an expensive set up!

I just started this series myself. 2 episodes in and I’m already in love with it.

Does anyone know which software was used to make it?

I was asking that myself. Watch a bit more and I think you might come to the same conclusion as I did.
I think this is a very creative production that makes use of a multitude of techniques and software. It’s a great showcase of what CG can be besides Kids/Family movies.
I didn’t find any particular hints on what soft was used but from what I read untill now it looks like the ‘episodes’ are produced individually. This leads me to think that there is a bit of everything in it.

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Yeah, I was thinking the same. I was just wondering if any of the studios used Blender but I only looked at one and they’re quite big and have been around for quite some time so I doubt they have Blender in their pipeline.