Why do you like Blender?

Hi! I am currently working on promo-video about Blender and I would like to know, why do artist prefer Blender to other 3D software?
What are your favorite features in Blender?
What do you like the best about Blender?
What would you like to see in Blender commercial?
Thank you!

People complained back in 2.7 era about the UI, but probably what they didn’t like was the layout, not the UI itself, the UI has themes you can drag hold and open menus quickly and quite similarly you can click move the mouse in the properties editor and relase.

Modeling is fast.

This one is a bit more advanced, but the data-block system allows you to open 1.0 files on current blender and even objects from current blender on quite old files (Althought since it’s a very light program people with low end systems might be stuck at 2.79). Also on a more useful note it allows you to decide what things are shared, so you can have linked materials, objects (Their meshes to be exact).

Non-overlaping UI is great so things don’t get messy, and resizing is very fluid, while almost every other app has some drawing issue when resizing, blender doesn’t, (althought 2.8 is a bit slower than 2.79 bc I believe there’s a double buffer or some technical reason I don’t know well enough).

Shorcuts make allow a quick workflow, which btw make sense, despite not being “iNduStry sTanDaard” they make sense, for example, Alt always does the opposite or something slightly diferent, for example, A -> Select, Alt A -> Deselect; E-> Extrude, Alt E -> Other extrude options… Also for different animation editors you have Shift F12 for changing between timeline and dopeshit and tab for changing beetween them and the graph editor.

Althought I’ve only been able to code a extremely simple addon, it uses python, unlike Autodesk programs which use some different version of python which I believe is kind of a different thing.

Also since 2.8 Overlay and shading options are all well placed.

You can also know how developing goes, you submit a bug and it can get fixed quite quickly.

It also includes the best sculpting among any other DCC (Max Maya, Zbrush is not a DCC) and Compositor, which works just like the shading editor and can be thought as “photoshop with nodes”

You can also carry it in a USB with your own settings and plugins.


-All the plugins available. Probably because it is completely open source it makes it much easier to write a plugin for blender than any other 3DCC app. This makes any part missing from Blender available as a plugin.
-Two of the best render engines in the world built in
-Fast to make things
-Because the plugins are so good file formats from fbx to mmd are all possible to export and import into and out of blender

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I like that shaders in both eevee and cycles use the same nodes (apart from a couple)
I love the workspaces at the top of the screen with shading/ modeling/ animation tabs.
I like that you can see the development of blender 2.91 etc as they try out experimental features.
Sculpting tools only seem to get better every release.

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Blender has a very professional and extremely aggressive group of supporting developers – including a financial Blender Foundation – which keeps the product at the top of the game while enabling it to remain free-of-charge. (Please contribute your donation!!)

Now of course, the reality of this business is: “you dance with the one who brung 'ya.” CG products don’t actually “displace” each other, and no one should ever seriously expect them to. (“Blender versus …” arguments really are irrelevant.)

But … "Blender has arrived." It’s not standing in second-place at anyone’s table anymore. It’s no longer “on the outside looking in.” This open-source product has now properly earned its role as “this studio’s pipeline product” at an ever-increasing number of professional studios around the world. Just as other studios have standardized on Maya, 3DS, or what-have-you, these have standardized on … Blender. And they’re making profits.

After years of “looking upon ‘the majors,’” Blender has now legitimately become one.