Why do you like Star Trek?

Hello all,
I know this must seem like an unusually superficial topic coming from me, but I’m working on an essay titled “Why I Like Star Trek,” and I’d like to hear your own reasons to get a fuller picture of what’s out there. If you don’t like it, I’d be just as happy to hear why you don’t.
So… why do (or don’t) you like Star Trek?

(I should also note that this is a personal project, not a school project, so hopefully I can avoid that “help me with my schoolwork” stigma.)

I just like some episodes not all of them. And STTNG was good, almost as good as the William Shatner shows, but I’m not happy with the other spin-offs and spin-offs of these.

I think for me I’ve always been fond of it because it’s imaginative “science” and exploration within that framework. Rather then being restricted to what is known about physics, it’s a dream of what the possibilities could be achieved without completely ignoring what we really do know. Mix in some drama, adventure and good characters, what’s not to like!? I really do think Star Trek has set the stage for some modern technology too… the iPad is nothing like what they used on Star Trek… :wink:

I have to admit I haven’t watched Trek in years, but just recently (2-3 weeks ago) finally watched the new movie and was wow’d! I think I liked it cause it was modernized yet kept true to the nostalgia of the characters. The action was well revamped and the guy in the red-suit still died. Awesome!

To me, “Star Trek” is exactly one thing: the original TV series, which was “a product of the 1960’s” at the best of times, and most of the time “pure crap.” :eyebrowlift: But… it was also the first time that serious science-fiction storytelling ever made it onto a cathode-ray tube. (“Robbie the Robot” really doesn’t count … he was a novelty, not a story.)

I can overlook plenty of third-season episodes … stuff like “Captain Kirk brings the ‘Kohms’ and the ‘Yangs’ together by quoting the Pledge of Allegiance at them” :rolleyes: … for stories like Amok Time.

Beyond the original series, I freely admit that I have paid no attention whatsoever to the Star Trek franchise. (But then again … there is no television set in “my very-secluded house on the hill.” Book shelves everywhere, but no TV.)

I never really thought about why I love Startrek and as a matter of fact I am one of the rare species that loves them all, ToS, TNG, DS9, Enterprise.

They all got their charme and moments and also got their downsides and boring episodes.

I think the beauty lies within the creation as whole. It is on one hand fascinating because its a working world, like Tolkien created and on the other hand it is mankinds dream.
Seriously, everone sane in some way desires the world StarTrek takes place in.
World Peace, no poverty, one unified goverment, no hunger, no desease and a society based on sanity and commonwealth, in an non aggressive alliance to hold those values dear and spread it in the galaxy, driven further by the hunger for knowledge to find the final answers…

Who hasn´t hated Picard once for doing the right thing thinking he´s a selfrighteous brick but in the same instant admireing him for doing so? :smiley:
Who doesn´t love Kirk for using his fists over his mind but doing the right thing in the end anyways?

And the fictional but conclusive science makes the concept feel so graspable. If we only had a Dilicium chamber, can it be so hard to create a warp bubble… transporter beam, sounds so easy, food synthesizer seems just a matter of energy production and computational power.
And without any doubt, StarTrek inspires many scientists for decades, I tend to say it made many people decide to choose the path of science.

I for one salute to Roddenberry for his visions and got to thank him for years of entertainment and inspiration.
That said, I am no trekkie. I have no fake tricorder, never was on any convention, nor have any fanarticles other than the DVDs or can talk about maps fans made of the alpha quadrant or stuff like that. I just find it a very inspiring universe he created, a hope for mankind…

And one thing’s for sure, if the Vulcans are out there, at the moment they would laugh at us, if it was in their nature, rather than landing and extending their hand because with the current path our dustball´s on we´ll do anything but to live long and prosper :smiley:

The series is plausible reality. There are conflicts between alien races that people can relate to. No mentioning of human religion(but it had some spiritual moments) or what kind of politics they are using.

Also I like that the captain have to make choices that would make a normal person would fall under pressure.

The main thing thats always attracted me is the scientific side of it all. How everything is explained in terms of real science, thats what makes it really interesting.

I heard a cool comparison recently about the latest Star Trek movie and Star Wars, how similar they were because Star Wars never goes into details about how anything works. The latest Star Trek movie was like this because it was all action action action, and none of the sciency stuff (which I missed, but it was still an epic movie)
Think about the propulsion systems in Star Wars, how do they work?? We never get told, because its not important in the Star Wars universe, its just ‘magic’ stuff and we really dont need to know how or why it works, only that it does. But what about the ships in star trek? If we’re nerds then we probubly know exactly how they work :wink: and a lot of episodes in the series goes revolves around such ideas.

The other thing about star trek which is appealing is that its set in such a realistic way (from the science side as I was talking about above) that you can almost predict our future to turn out that way, or at least very similar to the settings of Star Trek - which is truly exciting.

I like Star Treck due its stars :wink:

I just had to delete a spam message from this thread, but it was a real classic so I’m reposting it so you all can see:

I like Star Treck due its stars :wink:

Think about the propulsion systems in Star Wars, how do they work?? We never get told, because its not important in the Star Wars universe, its just ‘magic’ stuff and we really dont need to know how or why it works, only that it does

All those things in Star Wars uses the force dear padawan, it only makes sense:p

I do like the technology in Star Trek and sometimes all of the theory that goes into it, but in most cases I generally have found the series somewhat boring through most of my life (I’m more in the way of major Sci-Fi action, eye-candy environments, fantastic creatures, and cool technology all in one like in Star Wars)

I like Star Trek because it’s kept the dream of space flight alive while our government prefers to dawdle.

I like it because it to some extent, satisfy my desire for adventure.

I like Star Trek because its so awesomely nerdy :slight_smile:

ALSO, I like the fact that Star Trek, though failing multiple times, succeeded in quite accurately depicting some technology of the future. Did anyone else notice that they have flip phones and bluetooth headsets?

The latest startrek series that paromount pictures canceled was the worst startrek I have ever seen, The latest startrek movie was great but the evil guy with the tatoo on his face sucked especially on HD.

Who says we like Star trek?? Worst ever movie i have ever watched