Why do you never use normalmaps?

My question is in the headline^^.
I’ve done a game with normal mapping in 5 minutes withe 5 different normalmaps and it works very good so why do you not use normalmaps in all your games it’s so beautyful!

here is a sreenshot:

It does seem to give good results. I havent used it yet simply because I do not know how. I will have to learn some day :).

I think many people here dont use them because their graphics cards dont support GLSL which is necessary if you want to use normal maps (someone correct me if im wrong).

I do use normal maps

I’ve not looked up how to yet :o

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It’s “so beatiful” in general/abstract, or specially in your image?!

please, please, do some quick tutorial how do you make them work in the ge, step by step, if its done with scripts, wich ones, what do we have to modify, why, etc…
i want to use them, but i dont know how! :frowning:

it’s in the example file parallaxbumpmap… just change the OBname and you’ll be fine… Of course you need a map, there’s photop plug-ins or something for GIMP… good luck

which example file?

its not all that hard to normal/bumpmap.

use hue/saturaion to get your image greyscaled, then load it as your texture and press “normal map” under the “load image” button.
map your coloured uv map in the uv or using orco.

that’ll do.


if you would like to make a short tutorial on the creation and implimentation of normal maps, it would be much appreciated.


here is a fast normal map tutorial…

Buy Zbrush! :slight_smile:

the fastest way to paint normal maps on a mesh…
For tileing normals maps too!

Gimp has a plugin as well.

They don’t work on cards that don’t support shaders do they? That’s why I never tried them.


I got the paralax mapping demo to work on other objects!

Just UV map your object and add the material they provide, I did not have to tweak the script…

I personaly dont use bumpmaps because most people dont have graphics cards that push them…

It takes 3 times the texture memory every object, and without a good specular map, everything looks slimey, and covered in snot.
when I make some monsters for my next game I may use them.

…? I don’t get it.

They don’t work on cards that don’t support normal maps. My card (Nvidia Ge-Force 2 MX/MX 400) supports that sebulba demo shader, but not normal maps. So I don’t use it for that reason.

Hmm… Actually now that I think about it… Having such an outdated card is a good way to make sure that everybody can play your game without any significant problems. If I can get a game working decently on my card, it will run on almost anything.

everyone should try to make it look as good as possible without normal maps, then use them. Some of us can’t support them and a game founded only on normal maps will look like poop without them, like chronicles of riddick escape from butcher bay.

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It takes 3 times the texture memory every object, and without a good specular map, everything looks slimey, and covered in snot.

you need to adjust the specular settings in the blender materail to make it less wet/slimey looking… you don’t need to have specular map for that specifically unless you want specular highlights to appear in certain places in your shader. .eg. lips or shinny /non-shiny parts… the type of highlight an object has plus it’s colour usually defines what sort of real world material it looks like… look at the highlight on rubber compared to water and plastic and what colour the highlights are…

but normal maps are a good way to add in extra detail… and recent bottom range graphics card do support them these days… so it’s time for an upgrade co they have been around for a while

is posible to get normal maps directly from blender


I did this example a few monts ago, just to practice the technique, normal map is from blender, Ambient oclussion too, and textures was made in photoshop.

Just planning tu make zero consequences look more actual with normal and parallax ;), but it takes some time.