why does a quadro preform less than a gtx in blender cycles?

i mean, it’s not that quadro does not use cuda cores, and is quadro cards not designed for ray tracing very well?

Need moar info.


workstation cards are generally built for precision and stability, not necessarily brute strength.

Just read the specs, it is a lower end card even though it is priced higher.

Well for the Tesla vs GTX thing - Teslas are built to last, simple as that. You can have one Tesla card outliving 10 GTX cards easily for something like a renderfarm. The GTX family is just not built for such intense computing for an extended amount of time.

its just a blender thing really, no particular reason.

It’s not just a Blender thing, read the specs. Less speed, less cores, less bandwidth. The Quadro is what old people buy because they remember that it used to be the card to have.

No, the Quadro cards have a great reputation of being super-fast in 3ds Max. A Quadro or Tesla card is also required to get some support for All Autodesk products.

It’s not a Blender thing, it’s just a non-Autodesk thing.

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GTX cards are targeted at the average gamer. They are designed to render fast in real-time. Quadro cards are are the better choice for someone using a non-realtime rendering engine. Unfortunately they aren’t designed to be friends with Cycles and the such. I would guess that they can perform physical calculations a lot faster than GTX cards. It’s all about your intented usage.

Quadro cards are great for openGL rendering meaning displaying extremely large and complex meshes in real time but Cycles uses CUDA and for this Quadro is not build for interactive rendering.

I have a Quadro 2000D with 01 GB. As I only work with Blender that was the worst purchase I have ever made. Constantly have problems as “out of memory” and slowness.
I don’t point out to anyone who wants to work with Blender.

I am currently very interested in buying a second graphics card only for openGL. Since I have a 10bit monitor I was thinking about buying an FirePro V3900. Can blender UI benefit from card like that? I’m not interested in Cycles performance, only in the openGL viewport performance. Is there some improvement in high poly models rendering over the GTX 560?


I can’t speak from experience with the fireGL cards, but I do know that Amd has much better openGL performance in blender. There are other procedural bottlenecks that bog down performance at high poly counts, but overall, I’d bet you would benefit greatly from the switch.

Thanks for the reply,
many people discourage me from buying a pro card but unfortunately nobody has own experience with any pro card. Seems I will have to try myself. I want to buy a cheap FirePro V3900 (or maybe an V4900). I guess there will be no performance drop over my current GTX 560 which is my goal. If not, I can always sell the card…