why does appending a model mess up textures and colors

I have finished tracking a scene and I am trying to append a model to that scene, but somehow the colors and textures are all washed out, I have notice that some color panels become lighter but there seems to be more settings that break and I cant figure out all of them, information wise the color values are all the same between both the original and appending files but the actual visual colors are pale and washed out… I have tried appending the entire scene the colors will work in the appended scene but then become washed out if link in the other scene…and it doesn’t seem as though tracked cameras can be exported or transferred successfully between scenes or blends…any help would be appreciated

also can someone say when these changes were made I might be able the “fix” this by rolling back

In your world panel do you have environment lighting cranked up? Turn it off and see if that fixes it. Also, the ambient light color might be set to a high value?