Why does Blender camera need scale in transform?

Call me crazy, but how could scale influence a camera? I was convinced that only the focal length and sensor size determine the camera field of view; but now I see that it changes when I transform the camera’s scale… heh?
My only guess is that it is a factor which influences the focal length and sensor size if one scales the whole scene. So it expresses the focal length and sensor size relative to the scene… Is that right? Thanks a lot. Def

you mean the orthographic scale? the normal scale doesn’t influence anything for me here except flipping the direction when scaled to a negative number

Yeah the camera scale should only influence the ortographic type of camera. It determines the scale of the objects in your drawing. Very usefull for printing layouts to scale. However i’m not really sure what values you should add to it, since you render to images, and they don’t know anything about their physical world size. ( It’s a real pain in the … dark )

Thanks, gexwing… I meant perspective render and also noticed the flipping behaviour you mentioned… I couldn’t imagine why camera scale would be an influence. I wanted to export the camera to a guy using Maya and he said he needed the camera scale - and I couldn’t figure out why. Cheers - defkon

Cheers McBuff, I’ve never used orthographic and certainly couldn’t figure out why it scale would have any influence on the camera. Thanks - defkon