Why does Blender change the values of my keyframes?

Hi All,

I am working with the cartoon boy rig from Blendswap.
I have selected the torso bone and created a 3 key animation.
The animation is just an up and down.
I turn that into an action and loop it.

When I play back my animation, I get a noticeable jump in my animation. Now when I created the 3 key frames I was very careful. I only created 2 key frames the starting position and the up position. Then I duplicated the starting position and moved it to the end so the start and end keyframes would be EXACTLY the same. But Blender keeps changing the final frame to some other number? I tried the reverse as well. I took the ending number Blender kept changing to and pasted it into the first key frame. Then Blender calculated some other new number for the end frame.

The end result is I can not make a seamless loopable animation with actions using Blender.

What is the trick?
Why is Blender changing my numbers?

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first check the values of the keyframes (thats not only the timing-frame, its the fcurve-points).

second i hope you have not the autorecording-feature on (the red-dot)

third, you know there are different ways to create a curve thru the animation-points. If it is a bezier-like curve it happens very easy to end up with a point that is not on the curve, because the bezier-curve is a try to create a slow-approximating curve based on the keyframe-points.

last, you may check this with switching the curve-evaluation to “linear”.

Thanks for the tips. I think it has something to do with when you set the scale of a NLA strip not equal to 1.0. I have a 72 frame loop that I set to 0.5 to double the speed. But I when put the strip into edit mode, via the TAB key, I noticed the keys were not in the correct location, slightly off. So I set the strip back to 1.0 scale and moved the keys to the exact locations for half the time I needed. Now it works. Now the scale functions correctly when I change it. I no longer get the jump. I think I may have done the initial keyframe recording using auto record (which I rarely use). Now I know why. Don’t use auto record.

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Are the first and last keyframes the same? If they are, it’s usually because you need to offset it a frame. Say it’s a 30 frame animation, if frame 1 and frame 30 are identical, when it loops it’s going to show 30 and 1 and appear to stick for a frame. To fix it you can go to frame 29 and hit “e” to set the end point there.

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