Why does Blender Cycles produce Darker renders

YES- I know…there are lots of sites,blogs and posts asking about the difference between Cycles render Preview and
F12 render. I have yet to find a solution to this problem.

I played with my color management profile but every type of configuration makes my image either too washed out or too dark! I played with the lights and camera settings but I couldn’t find a solution. Does any one know how to
achieve a better match.

Here is a screengrab -----The shadows and lighting look completely different on both sides! :eek:

-help thanks

I guess this like to be Bounces of Light Path. Set it up!
Something like this happen with me when Sequencer turned on in Post Prossessing. The render showed a little yellow.
This can be the Blender version too. When it have a bug.

Thanks I’ll play around with the Light Path settings

I guess Cycles lights still have lots of bugs! I’ll stick to using simple planes to light up my scene.