Why does blender foundation sell outdated material?

I just don’t get it why would blender sell outdated material for 2.49 when we are at 2.59? The UI is different, many things are different.

Now, that is not much of a problem, since if I don’t need it I don’t buy it, right?

Well, the fact is that most people who would consider buying Essential Blender are newbies who are starting out. The problem comes, because the blender store claims that 2.49 is the current version of blender, suggesting the Essential Blender book to the people as an updated informational product for the current version of Blender, even though it covers 2.49, NOT 2.59. This might mislead the newcomers, and after buying the book, people will download the newest blender, and realize that the UI of the books blender and their blender is different.

So, it would be really nice if Blender Shop fixed the text saying “Written using 2.43, and fully compatible with (current) 2.46 Blender”. They should clearly indicate that this book talks about the old version of blender, and might be of little use to a new blender user using the actual current version.

I actually almost bought the book after seeing the word “current”. When I just came to blender website, I couldn’t care less about what the version numbers are, and which is new and which is old.

So, that product description is misleading.
Is there any way to fix it? The only reason I took my time to write this post is because I don’t think it is nice and ethical to say that something is current while it is not. New blender users might not notice the number version, and might buy the “current” book without thinking.

Oh, the link:

The concepts in old books are still relevant to current versions of blender.

The “current” version in the e-shop was probably current at the time that page was made and has probably just slipped through the net.

It’s just that staff are few and time to update the website is short…

Try posting on the forums at blender.org itself or mentioning it on IRC blender coders channel and I’m sure it would be quickly rectified. Failing that mail Ton himself. He gets a lot of mail though so only do that as a last resort.

Posting here probably won’t get the attention of anyone that would change that site.

For starters, some people still use the 2.4 series, even if not for everything.

Secondly, it is now a download only product (on that page), so they don’t physically need to take up storage room, pay for printing or charge for shipping.

Thirdly, the price is much cheaper than the original release price to relflect the first two points.

And last but not least - it isn’t current but I certainly agree with the fact that the concepts are still relevant.

I don’t see any issues with having a back catalogue available for download. Sure, the bracketed word (current) is out of place now but other than that…

For the record, the current (at time of posting) equivalent book by the same editor/author can be found here. http://www.amazon.com/dp/0240814304

So what? I am not saying that the book is bad, no, it is very good and there is a lot of golden material there. What I am saying is that blender site is obviously not being looked after that well, which can lead to some frustrations for beginners who could be mislead.

I do understand that the blender foundation, and the staff, don’t have time to do everything, as the amount of info in the whole site is rather big. However, I do think, that it is not that hard to make sure that at least the information related to entities that involve the monetary aspect, is up to date and not misleading. It is not like there are thousands of products anyways. All that blender foundation got to do is ask a few trustworthy guys from the forums check on the info now and then, and give them the means to fix it up.

I have noticed MANY and I mean MANY inconsistencies and out dated info at the blender websites. This could be quickly fixed up if forum member could be asked to find the problems and post them in one thread, through which someone with web admin rights would go through and spend a few hours fixing the main info problems up. Something like that. Million ways to do it anyways. Just a little organization is all that is needed.

Once again, just my personal opinion, not trying to prove anything.

Go to the source:
-> Simply contact the shop.

The issue is a lack of clarity. The description is old and needs to be updated.

If you read the description you might be fooled into thinking you have a recent book. Only if the information is unclear do you have a reason to contact the shop. The information is just old, not unclear.

a reason to
–> contact the shop!

It simply makes no sense to complain at the neighbors. Blenderartists will not change it. I doubt that anyone how reads it here will change it.

A while back i bought a DVD from the shop (the creature factory one i think) and that UI was 2.4 but it really just forced me to learn the 2.5 interface. I was a little annoyed at first but the content of the DVD was still relevant and still helped so it was worth it

Sometimes I wish they would bring back some of teh old products. I have more friends who wish they could get a hold of the Creature Factory (which is, IMO, the greatest training video put out yet) but it’s out of print. (I make them a copy, but I wish I could point them to the Blender Foundation, to support them)

Once you understand the interface, the exact version fo Blender is pretty irrelevant, it’s the concepts and thought process that’s improtant

I just wish they would allow download options… some of their stuff costs as much to ship to the US as the item costs to begin with. That’s why I’ve never bought anything from the Blender store… “Pay twice as much and wait weeks for your item to clear customs!”

… or go to Amazon, have it shipped for free, and have it in two days… lemme think… lemme think… which should I do…?

Lol yeah I may have been the one to buy the last one. I noticed about a week after I ordered it that it was taken off of the site. And yeah, its a great video.

Just did it.

Thanks very much