Why does blender keep changing my custom layouts?

When i save a custom layout and start working, I find that when i try to go back to the custom layout it has changed itself to the most recent layout…

For exmaple I will create a custom UV mapping layout and start working, while in that layout I may start working in a 3d view and them move some windows around and work with a timeline view etc. So when i want to go back to my previously saved UV mapping layout BLENDER HAS OVERWROTE THE PREVIOUS UV MAPPING LAYOUT WITH THE CURRENT LAYOUT… WHY OH WHY BLENDER!

why doesn’t blender just save the current state of a layout instead of updating the layout to the current view? If a user wants to save a layout in the current view wouldnt they just hit a “save current layout button” now my UV mapping layout is the most current layout I happened to be working with at that moment

Start a blank blender file, setup all the layouts how you like, file > save the startup file, restart blender and work as normal and be careful not to save the startup file again unless you want to commit changes to layouts and certain settings inside Blender.

thanks :smiley:

I hope blender sets up a save layout function that saves only the current state of the layout when the layout is typed in and press enter, setting up layouts and then restarting for it to work correctly is annoying.

Not really.

When i wipe my PC is make a custom layout and save it,each time a new blender version is out i just load up my old save and save it as a custom layout.It’s not time consuming or annoying at all.