Why does blender save multiple files? .blend/.blend1/.blend2

Hi there,
Can someone explain to me why there are different types of files saved (.blend/.blend1/.blend2). All my projects have one of each of these saved. What are the differences? Recently a had a .blend11 and a [email protected] save. Am I doing something wrong? Any help appreciated.


[email protected] files are I believe temporary files created when it created the new save versions

.blend1 is the last time you saved before the most recent save. So if for instance you had this file open yesterday, saved it, then opened it today, then saved it, filename.blend1 is yesterday’s version. It makes it easy to revert if you find that you’ve done something horribly wrong today. filename.blend2 is of course the save before that. You can tell Blender how many, if any, versions to save in your User Preferences.

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Ahhhhhh… That explains a lot. I think somewhere along the way blender changed the user settings default to two. Thanks guys!