Why does blender slow down when redoing and undoing actions?

For some reason, the blender starts to slow down terribly when working with action history and subdivision surface and mirror modifiers. Please tell me if this is normal? My system specifications: cpu: ryzen 5 4600h; gpu: nvidia geforce gtx 1650; memory: 16 Gb

Yeah, don’t worry, it happens to everyone :laughing:, when you get subdivision surface by exemple, your vertices are now multiplied, and more you have some vertices, more blender will start to slow down. :upside_down_face:

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Oh, well, thanks) I came to the blender from Maya and at first it seemed to me that compared to Maya, the blender slows down more, probably I just put too much load on it😅

No, no, you don’t (put too much load, I mean). Subsurf used to be way, way faster. For example, in 2.79b. Nowadays, viewport performance is still a work in progress.

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now i can sleep well, thanks ahahah