Why does 'bpy.ops.nla.fmodifier_add' fail due to 'context is incorrect' error?

My nla strip confirmed that the active attribute is True, but bpy.ops.nla.fmodifier_add failed due to the context is correct error. What’s the reason? For you, I attach my blender work screen and api capture image.

from the source to the poll function for NLA_OT_fmodifier_add:

/* for now, we check 2 things:
   * 1) active editor must be NLA
   * 2) tweakmode is currently set as a 'per-scene' flag
   *    so that it will affect entire NLA data-sets,
   *    but not all AnimData blocks will be in tweakmode for
   *    various reasons

that’s pretty straightforward, I’m going to assume it’s because the tweak mode is not in the expected state. specifically, the poll function seems to be checking that tweak mode is currently off.

edit: looking at your screenshot I’d imagine it’s a bit more simple than all that- you can’t run operators from the python console like that and expect them to work all the time. The poll function is also checking to make sure the active editor is NLA, but when you type that in and press enter the active editor is the python console, so the poll function fails.

Oh, I understand. However, naturally the ops code can’t be executed by NLA editor.
Based on the active editor principle, what is the right way to actually use bpy.ops.nla.fmodifier_add?

the operator has to be run when the mouse cursor is inside a NLA editor, you can do this via hotkey, pie menu, panel menu, npanel UI, etc. If you’re desperate to run it from anywhere, you can write your own version of the operator that finds a NLA editor and creates a context override, then calls the operator.

Awesome. I was able to understand the big outline of blender scripting.

I’m still a beginner, and the concept of running functions through UI or creating my own operator is unfamiliar to me. I’m still making basic functions and modules through a blender built-in text editor and interpreter.

But overriding the context seems to be a big hint to me! I think it’s time to search and learn how to use the codes of the bpy.ops group with context override.