Why does compress not really compress? on TODO list?

In Blender version >=2.53 the checkmark of compression does not work as it was in 2.49 (in 2.49 often a factor of 10 smaller!)
Example: a .blend 956 KB not compressed remains 956 KB after the checkmark ‘compress’ has been done and newly saved (different name).
If I use 7zip it becomes ‘only’ 201 KB.
Is this on the TODO-list?

check double …
there might be a problem with the compress-flag.
I had to save the compress-setting-to-true as the default in the user-settings,
then to restart blender, check again it was now active
and then the save was done in a lot smaller, compressed file
(normal - with no internal graphics like jpg-images - a 700K file gets down to under 100K).

No, does not help :frowning:

This morning my .blend file is ‘really’ compressed. Do not know why.
It is W32 SVN 31894

aahhh You have the dreaming-sleepy-blender-version,

you have to put your blend-file under your pillow and sleep a whole night with your head on it … while dreaming it to a small compressed size …
blender goes to the magical mystery tour … (is this copyrighted by the beatles …?)

(btw. did i not write down, you may need to restart blender …?)

Previous attempt was with shutting down Blender and starting … BUT that did not work
I followed your suggestion …

So I was really surprised today :smiley: