Why does default animation do this?

When I render a simple animation - say of something going in a straight line from left to right - it seems to start off kind of slowly, build to speed, and then taper off to a slow stop.

Why does Blender do this? And how can I correct it so it moves at an even rate of speed?

Thanks for the help!


Blender does that because in nature things don’t just “instantly” come to speed, they ramp up. If you make a simple scene, a cube, and animate it moving from left to right, when maybe change directions. Something simple.

Then open the graph editor (or the animation view) you can move the time line and watch what heppens in the “dope sheet” and the Graph Editor and the viewport.

Start simple, and play around with the different ways to control the cube. The link from Idh1109 is also a great little tutorial.

It is called interpolation. You can change this to Linear by default in the User Preferences\Editing\New F-Curve Default. If you are doing a lot of Linear work, this can save a lot of time.

Thank you all for all the help! Issue SOLVED. :smiley: