Why does flipping normals some times not work right ?

Say I flip all normails inside then outside it starts having them mismatched… :< Is there anyother way to fix this besides frik’n selecti ng them peice by peice ??

Have you tried Ctrl-N with all faces selected? It recalculates all the normals to be outward facing.

Also in edit buttons and ‘w’ key there are flip normal buttons for those really stubborn ones, or to flip all the normals inward after a recalc outward, etc.

This can happen if you have non manifold edges or faces on the inside of your mesh so blender is unable to figure out which is the outside faces

I did all of that , I said that above silly… It’s just that they get strubon now and then and now I have a 16000 mesh that I have to fix :frowning: … Plus what happened to the draw normals ! They are so small now and I cant go over 2.000 to draw them…

I am with Hazza on this - it is very probably manifold edges. It would be like having a cube with a face down the centre - it becomes very difficult to determine what is inside or outside in such situations.

If you mirror modelled select the join/middle (single loop of vertices) and remove faces.

The only other thing I can think is that there might be a hole or two in your mesh that makes the inside/outside determination difficult.

post your blend file if you continue to have problems

to late did it by hand