Why does hair dynamic isn't working?

I wanted to create a grass waving in the wind. by for some reason hair dynamic isn’t working… :frowning:
here’s the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By6qtB6OZX0oMTJqdG56VVF5ajA/edit?usp=sharing

anyone please?

Its not the first time I get this problem. Can someone please help me?

I will just continue posting until someone will answer…

well, thanks for helping…

It is very rude to ignore someone like this. even if you don’t know the answer.

I don’t know the answer. Especially since your question is pretty vague. What isn’t working, in what way? What are you trying to do and how is it going wrong? Don’t expect people to read your mind and then call them rude when they can’t.

Hm. Don’t know much about Blender’s particle system, but are you sure “hair dynamics” means what you think it means? To my knowledge hair dynamics has nothing to do with particles reacting to force fields (they do that anyway), but rather hair moving dynamically in relation to the moving object they are attached to - which is most likely not what you want to do?

I will go so far to assume that hair dynamics and particle force fields are mutually exclusive.
At least the grass starts bending according to the wind force as soon as hair dynamics are turned off:

(nothing much to see of course in a still image)

Maybe someone with a deeper knowledge of Blender’s particles can chime in to say if I’m right on this.

Thanks for respond. Sorry if I wasn’t clear since english is not my first language. If I understood, I don’t need to use Hair Dynamic to create grass waving in the wind effect? Well how do I do this?
My problem was that by checking hair dynamic I expected the hair to move by playing the animation (as it always do) but it didn’t.
Hope I was clearer this time.