Why does hair spin?

Hi All,

I am using a particle system, in hair mode, to scatter some buildings across the surface of a sphere. This does work, however when I rotate the sphere, the buildings rotate on their origin points as well. The buildings have their origins located at the base of the structure.

I want the buildings to stay still so they look like they are really attached to the sphere. Can this be done with Blender?

I have attached the BLEND file. If you pull it down and play the animation you will see that the buildings spin when they should remain still. The spin effect is most obvious between frames 10-30.


26_hair_spins.blend (351 KB)

One solution may be to press Ctrl+A, then click ‘Make Duplicates Real’, then the particles will become objects, then you can remove the particle system and hopefully fix your problem.

Thanks for that tip. That will work in a static type environment.

But my next step was to reveal the buildings over time using Dynamic Paint…hmmm.:eek:

I think I found it! Turn on “regrow” on your particles. (top of the particles panel)

I also converted the particle system using Ctrl+A. Then used the build modifier on individual buildings. Couldn’t get the regrow function to work. There’s a lot of flexibility there, and the buildings grow polygon by polygon- but it would be a bit slower to animate. Would look great, though!

Thanks for the feedback. Enabling Regrow did not work for me, but it got me to play around with the Advanced features. If you enable Advanced and then enable Rotation you get the option of choosing a rotation type. I used Normal and that seems to lock them in place.

Now to see if it holds up under Dynamic Paint…