Why does it become so slow?


I’m using a background image (Format JPEG, I tried both sizes 705x406 and 146x84). The only object in the scene apart from the camera and the lamp is a cube. When I zoom in so that the background image is about as big as the 3d window, modeling becomes very, very slow. I can’t even translate the box or the vertices. When I zoom out, blender becomes normal again.

Where is the problem? Does it depend on the file type? Or are there options I must set? Btw, I use Windows 2000 and a Pentium IV 3,2 GHz. Blender runs quite fast except from this problem here.

Stefan Z.

I am having the exact same problem… here:https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=62905&highlight=

Yes, but my problem only occurs when there is a background image. Btw I have downloaded your file and there was no problem.

thats because i didn’t pack my background picture with the .blend

Does it ocure at once, or does it come after you have been working with a project for a while?

Had a similar problem recently while modelling with a background image. Bodi was kind enough to reply to my query. https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=59876&highlight=

Bodi suggested a neat alternate method to background image (uv mapping on a plane) that works very well without slowing a given system down. Have since switched to this method- you should give it a go :wink: . As per the original post, you might also try switching to a Lynux partition if the problems with speed persist.

or zooming in

or buying an nvidia graphics card

ati cards have weird issues with sufficently large amounts of a bitmap being drawn on the screen… it’s annoying

I’ve had a similar problem before. After a while, I relised that I had accidentally pushed the ‘5’ key on my numpad which switches Blender into perspective view in the 3D window.

Hope this helps. :wink: