Why does it say that my Thread is going to be first checked by the moderator first

Hello there . I posted a thread in a forum i thought was appropiate for my thread .But i am being told that the thread will be first checked by the moderator before being posted .Now if this is going to happen every time i post a thread under any forum .How am i supposed to know which foum is appropiate to pose a certain thread? Help needed.

I thing its a spam check measure. dont be bugged it would vanish itself as your post count increases. :slight_smile:
Although i am not myself sure if they have this for evry sub-forum. i thought it was limited to tutorial section only.
anyways have patience & happy blending. :wink:

@ Babar
Threads like Tutorials require close inspection from Moderators. it is for making sure that you are actually posting useful tutorials.
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It is as mohd.itqan wrote:

newbee’s are very closely spam checked by the automatic spam checker and - if suspicious but not clearly spam - by the moderators.
In some forums all new threads are moderated.

You can find more details in the forum rules and FAQ.