Why does logic take up fps

I’m making a game and the FPS has decreased dramatically after I’ve added some Logic, it’s down to 2 fps on my computer, does python help this or is there another way to fix it. I have about 20 objects give or take with logic. Before this the fps jumped from 90 fps to about 40 just after I put in a few low poly buildings. FYI I have two scene backgrounds overlaying each other, that may play a factor in it as well. I’d appreciate your help. Thanks

I would bet it isn’t just the logicbricks, what does the profile (all those things below the framerate you get when you enable framerate and profile in game menu) say your time is going to?

python can help, but 2fps is very slow

maybe it is collisions too?

look at the profile to see what is taking up so much time

if it is rasterizer, drawing is
if it is physics, physics is
if it is logic, logic is (python seems to be counted here)
if it is something else, it is something else

it should also be noted that 2.33 seems to have some bugs where the speed can be inconsistent when run different times

The profile says thats its logic, about 90% is what it says, last time I checked.

Whoa. Maybe you could send us a file, and/or upgrade your pc.

okay, then maybe you should consider how many logicbricks you have

and consider that some of them take more effort to evaluate, like the near sensor.

furthermore, the more objects you have the more time it will take

and, try your file in 2.25 because there may be bugs that is making yours work too hard in 2.33

Check to see if you might have added an infinite loop - didn’t someone say something about that in a previous thread?

shbaz i believe your right, this morning I found that a script that I have assigned to 18 text objects has been looping. I’m using the scripts that were used in the JackRack demo. The message script was looping the relay. FYI: I just deleted the most recent thing I put in and it had some compicating logic brick but it didn’t work so I just deleted it and the game when back to around 30 fps. Thanks for your help I still wandering what happened to make the game jump from 90 fps to 30. in total I have 2500 faces give or take, this doesn’t seem like it should effect the fps though. When the fps what at 90 I had about 1500 faces.