Why does moving a blend file break image textures, HDRi, and Normal maps?

With the amount of assets that accumulate with an animation project the need to move blend files and organize is pretty necessary.

Every time I move a blend file to a new folder the image textures, HDRIs, and Normal maps vanish in the viewport or render ( just turns pink), even though the node files are still pointing to the proper location.

I can re-link to the (exact) same location as listed in the node and it will then work.
The Normal maps are a little trickier to reestablish, just re-linking causes an Image glitch. If I delete the node and then re-link it is then fine.

Seems like I shouldn’t have to re-direct the image nodes or world output, where to look if I’m just moving the Blend file.


I can’t recall if it’s in the .blend save options or the system settings, but you can choose to set file paths as absolute or relative. If all your textures are in a single spot, you want absolute.

Alternatively, you can pack images into a .blend file, so they are always with the save even if you move it to another system.

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Thanks you so much for this. This will save me tons of time from having to re-link image textures.

I can’t find the toggle you mentioned… only found a “relative” labeled check box in file paths settings from (preferences). It didn’t work and there wasn’t one to set to absolute. So I’ll keep digging.

I think i’ll just pack everything ever time I need to move files. That is maybe the better way to go anyways.

Thanks again