Why does my cloth stick to the collision object?

I’m new here, and to Blender too.

I followed a couple tutorials and thought I could try and make my own scene. Learn through my mistakes etc.
I have now stumbled upon an almost insurmountable wall with my cloth simulation.
The scene is of a flag planted into the top of a hill with some swords stuck in the ground around it, an ancient battlefield so to speak.
When I had the flag pole stood up straight, everything worked perfectly, but now that I have placed it at an odd angle (because, reasons…) the cloth just sticks to the pole. Almost like it is made out of magnets.

The pole is leaning ‘forward’ too so the cloth should be just hanging free, only near the top is where they should be colliding.

I have tried ramping up the collision distance, but that causes even more problems on top of the cloth still sticking to the pole. The only thing that stops it is if I take all collisions off, but then the pole clips through the cloth.

Any help would be most welcome!
I’m at my wits end with this flag…

Here is another image of the flag pole if I let it run for another few frames… Frustrating.
I have put the distance to the lowest so I can slowly ramp it up.

Your pole has to less geometry, give it some loopcuts should fix it.

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That sorted it right out! Thank you very much!
Such a simple solution too.