Why does my fake glass look aquarium?

Why does this look like the cockpit is an aquarium? I just want the reflections of the glass and maybe a small tin from the glass. I don’t need the caustics or anything else like that.

I think you don´t need to use Transparent shader, Glass shader is transparent originaly. Try to use only Glass shader with a colour a little little bit greyish, maybe blueish.
IOR value is using for setting of refraction - deformation of light inside material, so you can improvise with that setting and you will see what happens. Standard value for glass is 1.5.
And how thick is your glass object? Is it thin peel or robust compact object?

And for more realistic look of material is good to use Fresnel shader as Factor input to Mix shader if you use Glass shader and Glossy shader together. And reflections on glass material will be better visible if you use HDR texturen for lightning the scene…

The glass is maybe an inch thick.

Since you specified camera ray it is ignoring the thickness of the glass and is assuming the thickness is the whole object. Try swapping the shaders and using shadow ray.

Thanks for the suggestion, it worked.

What does “Camera Ray” even mean? The docs are incomplete on this.

What do any of the paths mean?


Only to camera rays. Refraction will be opaque to shadows, which is why we use the transparency shader for shadow rays (with or without fresnel-like falloff).

Edit: Technically it’s refractive to rays, but it requires refractive caustics which produces a lot of noise. So we, at least myself, turn off refractive caustics and use the transparency trick instead.

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If I am remembering correctly…

Camera Rays are basically the first bounce from the light source to the camera.

Shadow Rays are when shadows are cast from one object to another.

Diffuse/Glossy Rays are those cast from a diffuse/glossy surface.

A Singular Ray is a glossy ray with 0 roughness.

A Refraction Ray is a type of transmission ray that bends the light in certain directions.

A Transmission Ray is one that passes though transparent surfaces.

Since every other ray is gonna see a transparent shader it ignores the thickness of the glass and you get the “aquarium look”.

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