Why does my file crash/lags?

so this file is fine (kinda), unless i try to render it/turn on cycles, it loads for a way longer time than it should and/or crashes (god forbid me to add more children hair so it actually looks as it should :roll_eyes: ) i literally cant work with this file at all even tho its just a head with a few hair?? i reduced render sampling to !!! 32 !!! and bunch of other things to improve performance but it still lags or crashes…
i have no problem with other files with bazillion more particles/faces/objects/samples in them and i can even easily animate them with no crash or lag, but this one just /crashes/
can someone please examine the file and tell me what is going on, because i have no idea and i literaly cant work with it at all… yon.blend (4.6 MB)

Not sure exactly what is up, but it’s somewhere in your hair particles.

yeah but i was redoing the whole hair part 2 times (aka deleting all of it and redoing it from scratch) and its still like this and theres barely any hair on it

reducing the number of steps has a pretty big influence on the amount of hair geometry, try reducing it to 5 and see if that still works.

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it really is doing better with less steps! but its still horrible compared to my other files which have 5-7 steps which is strange
but thank you, at least now it doesnt crash when i try to just /look/ at it

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