Why does my final animation look terrible when I play it on my windows?

It looks terrible in terms of quality when I play my final animation but when I render it in Blender it looks fantastic!

Yes, I checked all the buttons 100 percent, anti-alias… shadowing… and when I render it! It looks great!
But when I started to render it into a movie file format x vid it looks terrible! The animation looks terrible
because many of the pixels looks distorted when the camera zooms in! But in my blender file it looks great!
Ugh… this is so frustrating can someone please help me!

First, don’t render to movie formats. Render to png or exr. Then, I recommend taking those into the sequencer and rendering the stills into h.264 avi format.

Yeah I don’t know the stats of the different codecs by heart, but I bet the xvid setting is set by default to some low quality something or other, and number guy up there was right. Always render to png, exr if ur real srs then pull those back in and render to video. If you skip this step you are asking for headaches. I also use h.264 to render video. I need to spend some more time learning what all the settings do on that codec though. I just use the default settings and set it to avi.

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