Why does my final render always display the blurred light

(dexterdon) #1


Does anyone know why I keep seeing the following blured image lighting on my rendered image, I am new to blender and not at all a professional:

Thanks for the help in advanced.

(Lsscpp) #2

It’s hard to understand your question. Do you mean the white rectangular area on the curtain?
A scene screenshot might help, a blend file even more

(dexterdon) #3

sorry for the late reply i’m still having the same issue, yes the rectangle image keeps popping up whenever i render an image see a very bad case below.

(Thies Schulz-Holland) #4

Please ALWAYS supply an example .blend file with any support question.
If you don’t know where that effect comes from with the file right in front of your eyes - how are we supposed to without?

(dexterdon) #5

Attached should be my 3d curtain model apologies for newbie antics lol

triple pinch pleat.blend (7.16 MB)

(Thies Schulz-Holland) #6

You might want to check the compositing nodes you added to the scene:
There is a Box Mask > Sunbeams setup that will always get superimposed over the rendered image…

(dexterdon) #7

I cant find the mask your referring to I have checked all the nodes and not one has a box mask, or till my knowledge. did you see this specifically in the nodes. please be patient with me.

(Thies Schulz-Holland) #8

As I said, those are compositing nodes. See here:


Compositing is applied to the render result after the render, that’s why you don’t see this in the render preview.

This is no Blender default compositing node setup - so the only one that could have added this is you.
Unless, of course, you got that file from someone else?

(dexterdon) #9

I understand what you are saying now, took me a while but i got there in the end… thanks alot my friend