Why does my fluid particles emit?

My particles should be transparent with IOR 1.333 like water.
The particle type is fluid particles and i have put alpha to transparent in the renderer.
I use blender renderer.
I don’t know the why did my particles emit like light.

Is there any setting in the particles that i miss?


Here we can see a image of simulated fluid particles in viewport.

The simulation of particles is amazing for particles without faces, vertices and edges.

That’s the why i want to do the simulation with fluid particles, they have got realism, good FPS and low file size.

If someone know the how can put a material on them without emit like light please let me know the how.


Please post the .blend. Screenshots tell not enough data.

It’s ok i have found the why.

At the particles settings i had the halo box ticked and so that’s the why it was like that.

Now that i have the object box ticked it is ok.