why does my object disapear with textures?

how come when i add a texture with a black background to a plane, and then turn on the “add” it disappears when i start to play the game?

its like this:
i have a chain length fence texture with a black background. i apply it to a plane and press the add button. in the texture view (before i start the game engine) it looks fine. i have a fence that i can see through. but when i press p THE FENCE IS GONE!?

i tried to use alpha channels too (i then use the alpha button instead of add of couse) but the same thing happens.
why is this happening? how can i fix it?

you cant add the color black… make it dark grey

Yah, add makes black completely transparent.

oh wait! thats not my problem…

okay, this is gonna sound really weird but,… i have four objects in my scene, a player, a camera, a light, and a room. i made the fence part of my room, and it worked fine.

heres whats wrong:
when ever i try and add a new object, it doesnt show up in the game engine. for example, i added a cube, just a normal everyday cube. when i hit “p” it disapeared, i cant even colide with it, it just vanished.

whats going on?

very scary…

i think i figured it out. it was my object that my camera was parented to. it distorted the camera in a weird way and it made everything disapear somehow. when i deleted the object, nothing was distorted and i could see all the added objects. im gonna make a new object for the camera to follow and see if that fixes it

select your camera, press M, and hold shift and click on the same layer as your added object… so it is on 1 and where ever your cube is too…

or have a sperarate camera for your bot, and after you add the bot have the camera switch to the one parented to the bot.