Why does my object still have light when lamps are deleted?

Hi guys,

I delete my lamp but the object (simple box) still has light on it when I render. All I added was a diffuse shader.

The reason I wanted to delete the light, is because I noticed I could not lower it’s intensity for some reason.

I’ve been trying to learn blender for the past few weeks. Any ideas?


Perhaps you didn’t notice that the object is still receiving light from the world (which gives ambient light according to the strength value set in the world panels).

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Doesn’t seem to be that. I don’t see anything like that. Using Cycles BTW

So you made your World Surface colour totally black?

Hey I think it has something to do with the fact that I used the 3d tracking in the movie clip editor, and then clicked on SET UP SCENE. It must have done someting with the light setup. I’m not sure why.

EDIT: okay, I see what happened. When I set up the tracking scene in the movie clip editor, it added ambient occlusion to the world property. I removed that and now works.

Thanks a lot.