Why does my render have glitches sometimes?

Hey guys im new to blender ive noticed sometimes on certain frames my renders have glitches like these green dots on my frames both in eevee and in cycles! i would like to know what is causing this Issue!

Hard to tell, but it looks like glare gets triggered from some extreme fireflies. If you render out a frame and show it in the image viewer, do you have one or several pixels with insane brightnesses? It was one of the reasons I gave up Eevee, and in Cycles I’m using the IODN denoiser which seems to handle this far better than the builtin one. I reported it as a bug, but I’ve forgotten to check back on it if they’ve done something.

i re rendered it and now its gone just like that! the same frame no changes made whatsoever in eevee.
ive not added any glare though! i only had bloom turned on in the eevee settings. Thanks! will do some more research idk if its my Pc or the Program.

Bloom is essentially a simplified glare.

thanks for all your Help!