Why does my scene look bad?

I am working on a render for endless engines, unfortunately, it looks like crap, what can i do to decrease the shittyness of this scene

Hello, is this big grey bottom stripe part of the image?

yes but it is simply space I have not filled in yet, I am focused on the slums in the back

Adjust the grain… there is a denoise feature in the render settings. Just adjust that until you get the results you desire. Personally, I like a little grain, it looks more like film.

are you talking in terms of render, texture, lighting, modeling, camera framing? It’s not clear why you are not glad

The slum in the back is my main problem, and also the lighting the slum just looks dull

The lighting of slum isn’t bad. It looks like what it should looks like… unless you want something more dramatic, which then could detract from the car for attention.

As for the slums… it doesn’t look like the slums. Sure the houses aren’t pretty, but they aren’t decrepit or slapdash. I mean, they don’t look good, but they look well made. They also look really clean and spacious. For all intents and purposes it looks like a not so pretty neighborhood, not the slums. Here are pictures of actual slums:


Look how irregular, decrepit and slapdash the structures are.

It is also very obvious that the buildings are just duplicates of each other with very little variety which makes them look very uninteresting and dull.

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Yes if these buildings are supposed to be slums they lack textures (dirt) and they should be less orthogonal


First of all, as I see, your scene has some amount of the noise. It’ll be a good thing to remove it from your final render. For this, you need to check “Denoise” option and also uncheck both “Noise Threshold” options if they are already had been checked.

See screenshot below:

The second one: try to add some colorness to your terrain material, your car’s color is white and because of that both of your terrain and car are merging to each other.

Find some good tutorials on youtube on how to make a low poly car, after your car is done, find another tut on how to make a terrain etc. Do things step by step and you’ll get a great result.