Why does my scene turn completely white whenever I render it in eevee of lookdev?

Why does my scene light up solid white whenever I try to render it in eevee or lookdev?

It looks to be a common glitch with shaders in Blender but it it is fixable. Also, I haven’t found this problem in 2.82 and after that so updating to a more eecent version (you still have 2.80) would likely mean you never encounter it again.

There are many methods going around for how to fix this.
I personally found toggling the visibility of some objects or collections would update everything and suddenly the shaders would look correct again. Other people say opening up scenes again would fix it, or doing any sort of visibility of view toggling would make Blender update to the fixed view.
Just try some of these methods first. They may fix it.

Here is the file if you can figure out what’s wrong with it.

I updated to blender 2.82 and it still has the same problem.


Unplug the Emission shader from the Volume input on the ceiling lights material.

Thank you!

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