Why does my texture painted object show gaps when rendering?

I texture painted a character in Blender and am able to view the texture just fine in the 3D Viewport with Materials or Rendered shading:

However, when I render this exact same view in either EEVEE or Cycles, I see gaps where I put the texture map seams. The white areas in the texture map are very obviously showing here in a few spots:

Now, this isn’t a big deal – I can fix this by filling in the white areas of the texture map with the appropriate color. And it’s apparently not unheard of for Blender to display texture weirdness near the seams: Texture Painting Shows Seams.

BUT…my question is why?

Why would a character – which I texture painted directly in Blender (and looks fine in the 3D Viewport) look so different when I truly render it out? Why is my 3D Viewport lying to me? :astonished:

Is there any way to check for this problem in the 3D Viewport so that I can see a true representation of what the rendered texture will look like – before I attempt to render it?

You have a subsurf modifier on it?
That white spot is only on the areas of seams i suppose?

Yes, I do have a subsurf modifier. And yes, I’m getting the white spots only around some of the seams.

Aha! Yes, my viewport subdivision for the subsurf modifier was set to 0. I set it to 3 (the same level as when it is when I render) and I see the same problem in the viewport.

Is the solution for this to do texture painting with the subsurf modifier on and set Levels Viewport to the same value as when it renders?

This or you can increase the brush bleed. This is basically increasing the overlap of the brush on the uvmap over the seams.

I didnt had that problem in a long time so maybe also your topology is not the best?

Thank you! That helps a lot.

I’m learning about good topology as I go, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the topology is less than ideal.

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