Why does new Blender have view fog?

In Blender versions 2.80 and onward, there is this fog effect if you zoom out too far. This can be remedied by turning the “Clip Far” setting up higher, but why do I need to do this? Why does view fog need to be here?

I’m sorry if my question is in the wrong place, I’m incredibly new to these forums.

Welcome :tada: … It’s called clipping and an old trick to reduce the drawing operations. See also in the manual: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest//troubleshooting/3d_view.html?highlight=clip%20far where you can read: “This is not specific to Blender, all graphics applications have these same limitations.” (using OpenGL)
Sometime it helps if you are wondering where you object are (and they aren’t set invisible): If you don’t see the grid you are out of the scene and know that you have to select an object and re-center the view…

I recommend to increase the Clip distance in both viewport and default camera settings and than save this blend file as your default startup file so you never have to increase that setting again.
Also near clipping is important for eliminating flickering surfaces when 2 meshes are too close together and Blender can’t decide which is in front and which one is in the back.