Why does OSA kill nor mapping?

I have noticed that if I have an object with nor mapping and render it with OSA activated, it completely kills the nor map look. But it looks fine without OSA. Why is this? Can it be fixed? Is it possible to exclude an object from being rendered with OSA?



Do what I do, and don’t use OSA at all…

I swear I’ve told about 50 people this, and as far as Im aware, not a single person has taken my advice, but maybe you will.

Render @ 4x size without OSA, then scale it down in your image editor of choice. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to both edge sharpness and textures.

Yafray seems to still keep a good norm look with OSA

I just tried your method [email protected] but I got a lot of artifacts which were still very noticable after shrinking it down to the size I originally wanted. Any ideas?


compromise: OSA 5 at 3x the size :slight_smile:

try turning the unified renderer on [well, I assume you were using raytracing somewhere], and if on full osa on the material off

or just playing with those settings in general. I belive there is a bug where full osa is assumed without the unified renderer when osa and raytracing is on.

How do I turn on the unified renderer?

in the scene settings, look at the format column where it says Pal, NTSC etc. its at the bottom and when you click it the settings for it are on the far left.

I swear I’ve told about 50 people this, and as far as Im aware, not a single person has taken my advice

OK, at least, I’ll give it at try… :expressionless:

Could we see a render that demos this behavior btw? I’ve never really noticed.

yea, im going to be posting a pic in the WIP. When I do I’ll post here to let you know.

what is OSA ???

if u just make a sphere with stucci texture set to nor then render it once without OSA and once with u’ll see the difference… I had the same problem when I tried to make a planet n somethin else in the scene needed OSA
but thats probably a lot faster than waiting for someone to post it

Guess I’m special again; I don’t seem to get any problems at all with nor mapping and OSA…

OAS == OverSAmpling. basically, makes the image smoother.

Okay I tried Madcows idea, using an eye I made.

Here are the differences:

OSA 16

NO OSA. Scaled down: