Why Does Scale Change With Dimensions?

Hi All,

I’ve managed to get my cube’s origin moved to the corner of the cube, and positioned at the XY intersect of the grid. During the process I changed the cube’s dimensions to 4. Changing the dimensions caused the scale to change from 1 to 1.219. Why?

As I’ve always understood it, scale and size are independent of one another. Example: The house is 30 ft wide. The scale (of the model, dwg, etc.) is 1/4":1’. Evidently Blender understands it differently.

Can you help me out with this?


Hello this is current resize scale. After resize press CTRL+A, for apply size - your new dimensions get scale 1. Use Scene tab -> Units tab for set your own scale e.g. for house model.

If you have a 1m cube, change it to imperial units and change its dimensions to 4’ it will have a scale of 1.219 (4.00’/3.28’). Some coincidence ?

The scale is the scale of the object. If you change the size of the object (object mode) you are changing its scale (Same as S to scale).
If you change the mesh (edit mode) you are just changing the position of the vertices so you are not changing the scale of the object. In this case the dimensions will change but the scale will not.

Yes, basically its just object size multiplier.
Object size = 2, scale = 4: Object size = 24 = 8
Object size = 2, scale = 0.5: Object size = 2
0.5 = 1

This is exactly what I’m after. Thanks!

Apply Rotation and Scale (CTRL+A) is most often shortcut key that I use :slight_smile: before Boolean, before Bevel…